A Good Day To Die
Lily Bauer is a sassy 81-year-old battling terminal cancer. With impassioned forethought she enlists the help of her daughter Celeste, and caregiver Eric, to organize her own themed assisted death. Lily wants to go out amid the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest.
While Celeste is at first stunned and resistant, she is reassured by Eric’s apparent comfort with Lily’s request, and together they honor the plan. Then, word slips out about Lily, and a host of outrageous themed death proposals come their way, quickly escalating into a successful start-up death business.
Finally, the law catches up with them, as do the secrets of Eric’s past that allow him to be so zealous in the face of Lily’s final moments. Ultimately, Eric and Celeste must come to terms with their series of illegal “good deeds”, as well as the true value of their own life and death.

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  2. Is Lily Bauer diagnosed as terminal? If so, you *MUST* stop using the inaccurate, pejorative phrase “assisted suicide.” Suicides kill themselves. Terminally diagnosed people direct their dying on their terms. If you support aid in dying you’re shooting yourself, and others who support it, in the chest by using “assisted suicide,” a term that aid in dying opponents bandy about.

    • Hi Bart –

      Thank you so much for your concern and commitment to reaching out and eradicating ignorance. We have changed all our promotional material to include our slogan, You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Died, instead. Thanks!

      • Heavenly chorus, “Hallelujah!” Glad to help move the needle, so to speak. Clever mobius strip slogan, too (although I confess that I don’t know what your previous slogan was).

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